Protecting your home & practice this winter

Winter protection for your home

British weather during the winter months can be extreme so it is not surprising that escape of water causes 63% of AXA home insurance claims and 44% of Ageas home insurance claims. (Lloyd & Whyte Claims Statistics 2018)

  • Know where your stopcock is and that you’re able to switch it on and off. If your pipes do freeze, you need to turn your water off quickly to minimise the damage
  • Clear your guttering and drain pipes of debris to stop rainwater from overflowing


Winter protection for your practice

To ensure your pipes don’t freeze, install a water shut off device in your practice and leave the heating on. You should also have your boiler serviced so you know it won’t break down when you need it most.

During the winter break, take extra precautions to deter thieves – longer periods of darkness provides an excellent opportunity for criminals.