Personal services for chiropractors

Helping protect your way of life and the things that matter to you is what we do best. Whether it’s home insurance or financial protection for you and your loved ones.

The fact that you are a chiropractor doesn’t necessarily define you – it’s the people and pursuits at home that really matter.

At Lloyd & Whyte, helping you achieve personal security means you can go about your life doing the things you really enjoy without worrying about the detail behind it. Our personal services include:

   > Home insurance

Look out for you and your loved ones by safeguarding your home and possessions.

   > Travel insurance

Enjoy peace of mind on holiday with a travel insurance policy that reflects your lifestyle.

   > Income protection

Have financial support you can rely on if you’re unable to work as a result of illness or injury.

   > Motor insurance

Protect your car journeys – both long and short – while receiving first class advice and service.

   > Residential property owners insurance

Whether you need cover for your rental property, holiday home or second home, we can protect your property portfolio with a policy that’s tailored to your circumstances.

   > Wills & Lasting Power of Attorneys (LPAs)

Receive advice on your will and lasting power of attorneys

   > Mortgage advice 

Get fee-free advice on your mortgage from our in house advisers.

  >Private Medical Insurance

Avoid unwanted waiting times by purchasing private insurance to protect you, your partner, and your family


BCA Insurance Services is a trading name of Lloyd & Whyte Ltd.