Dental locum insurance

Having a member of your team unable to work doesn’t have to be the end of the world.

Dental locum insurance provides a dental practice with financial support if you or a member of your team is unable to work due to injury or illness. The policy will pay a pre-agreed amount for each week of absence, which can be used however you see fit.

Locum Insurance for dentists

  • Provides your practice with financial assistance when you or any other insured team member is unable to work
  • No need to prove medical history when arranging the policy
  • No need to prove expenses when claiming
  • Treatment and support to help recover and prompt return to work through the Early Intervention Scheme

Traditional locum insurance policies offer reimbursement for certain costs associated with absent staff. Locum insurance is different. You select a weekly benefit when arranging the policy and that’s exactly what you receive when you make a claim. You don’t have to prove your expenses, and you can use the money however you see fit. The policy will even include pre-existing conditions, subject to policy terms. For more information, please see full policy wording.

Find out more about how our dental locum insurance policy works by reading our Dental Locum Insurance Policy Guide.

What’s the difference between locum insurance and income protection?

It’s easy to get locum insurance and income protection confused. Both policies provide financial support during illness or injury but there’s one key difference between the two.

Locum insurance – pays the benefit to the practice owner, so this policy can help with the cost of employing a locum to cover the sick or injured person’s absence.

Income protection – provides financial support to the individual who is unable to work. If you’re a practice owner, it’s worth considering both policies to ensure both you and your practice are covered.

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