Financial planning

We’ve helped countless dentists plan their finances around what matters to them. With our expertise, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.

As a dentist, your financial situation can be more complex than most. You’re often self-employed, which means you don’t have the luxury of sick pay or other company benefits. You might have entitlement to certain benefits through the NHS though, such as the NHS pension, which can get complicated. But you might also have a business to run, or hope to start running soon, which has its own considerations.

Speaking to an Independent Financial Adviser who knows where you’re coming from makes everything easier. We offer a host of planning options to help you make sense of it all. And, ultimately, help you live the life you want.

Financial planning for dentists

Independent financial advice

An independent review with our experienced advisers is the perfect starting point to helping you reach your financial goals.

Integrated financial management

Our dedicated Independent Financial Advisers will help ensure your financial strategy stays on course and is relevant to what you want to achieve.

Investments & savings advice

By helping you to make the most of your money, we can help make financial security a reality for you.

Pensions & retirement planning

Retirement planning can mean so much more than just a pension. Whether you’re approaching retirement or it’s 30 years away, putting a plan into action now can help you achieve the kind of lifestyle you want in your later years.

Financial protection

If you’re worried about how you would cope financially if things were to go wrong, we can help you put a plan in place to ensure you’re able to continue to meet your ongoing financial commitments and support your family.

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