Pensions & retirement planning

The prospect of retirement can often seem a long way off, however, the sooner you begin to make provision the greater chance you have of building a retirement portfolio that will deliver the kind of lifestyle you desire in later life.

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What our clients say…

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for the valuable advice you gave me with regards to my NHS Pension. I managed to get my pension recalculated and the total was a lot more than the £100k which had been added. In fact it’s now just below £1.25 million, so I have applied for and received my Individual Protection 2016. And my annual pension is much more than it had been predicted, so I’m delighted, and it was down to your excellent advice!”

The basics to retirement planning

Planning for retirement can mean so much more than just arranging a pension, which is why it is important to discuss your objectives and options with an Independent Financial Adviser.

Together you can identify what you want to achieve and then actively plan a course of action that will help you achieve those objectives.

Retirement planning can take into account all sorts of factors, such as:

  • What are your objectives?
  • How much income can you allocate to your retirement provision?
  • What tools do you want to use to achieve your objectives?
  • What is your attitude to risk?
  • What are the tax implications?

Remember that plans and objectives constantly evolve and therefore it is important to regularly review your retirement planning to ensure you remain on course.

If you would like to discuss your requirements with one of our Independent Financial Advisers then please complete the enquiry form and we will contact you to assess your circumstances, review the market place and then present options for you to consider. Alternatively you can contact us on 01823 250 750.

Please note that when discussing or reviewing your financial situation we will need to conduct a fact find in order to fully understand your goals and objectives. This will provide us with the necessary information upon which to base any recommendations and ensure they meet your objectives and wider financial planning needs.

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