Integrated Financial Management

If you could maximise your finances and protect your current lifestyle, it would surely be an option worth exploring?

Is your money working for you?


We believe that financial planning requires more than the occasional financial review or purchasing a new protection policy. To make the most of your financial plan, you need a financial planner who is dedicated to the ongoing monitoring and review of your strategy, and available to provide specialist advice when required.

Integrated Financial Management is designed to help you do exactly that.

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How it works

  • Our experienced financial planners work with you to understand your current circumstances, and establish a financial strategy in line with your needs.
  • We will review your protection policies to ensure they are still relevant to your situation. Our independent financial planners will offer you investment advice in line with your attitude to risk.
  • We will then work with you on an ongoing basis, reviewing all elements of your plan periodically and assisting you in maximising your finances.
  • Through regular reviews, we believe we can ensure your financial strategy remains on course and relevant to your objectives.


Our qualified financial planners help individuals and businesses with their financial planning. . This, combined with our independent status, means you will receive advice that is suitable and appropriate for your needs. Our commitment to raising standards has been recognised by the Chartered Insurance Institute with the award of Chartered Financial Planning status.

In addition, with a transparent charging structure, you have the flexibility and choice of two levels, Foundation and Premium. With no hidden charges, each service level gives you even more control of your money and your future.


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