Claims help

Accidents and incidents rarely come along at a convenient time.

This can be very stressful, especially following a major incident or in an emergency situation. In these instances it can be difficult to remain calm, but we have outlined a 3 step process that should help you before, at notification and during the resolution of your claim.

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1) Be prepared and plan ahead >

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3) Important claim tips >

1) Be prepared and plan ahead

Being prepared and knowing you can access the relevant contact details and information will make a big difference when you need to make a call in the heat of the moment.

Access to Claim Contact Details

Create a contact in your phone that you will remember and is easy to find. Include the following information:

  • Our telephone number
  • Your insurer’s claims telephone number
  • Your policy number (found on your policy schedule)
  • Our web address, just in case;
  • Remember to review and update each year if required

Cover and Policywording

Make sure you understand what your policy covers as well as any terms and conditions that may apply. Damage caused by wear and tear for example may not be covered whereas accidental damage would. If you’re not sure, check your policy wording before making a claim.

Visit our policy documents page here.

2) Making a claim and who to call

It’s important to have your policy number to hand when making a claim.

Call Lloyd & Whyte Heritage at the earliest opportunity

We can advise on any temporary measures to stop damage from getting worse as well as inform you about what happens next.

Lloyd & Whyte Heritage

Our office hours are Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm.

  • Thatch homeowners call 01823 250702
  • Listed homeowners call 01787 880338

We are also available to help throughout the claim so please do contact us at any point if you require further assistance, advice or support.

Out of hours or in an emergency

Contact your insurer using the contact details below.

Ageas thatch policyholder

General Claims: 0345 120 8413
Legal: 0345 120 8416 (claim) / 0345 120 8415 (advice)
Home Emergency: 0345 120 8420

AXA thatch policyholder

General Claims: 0330 024 8087
Legal: 0330 024 6861
Home Emergency: 01737 334041

Ageas listed policyholder

General Claims: 0345 120 8412
Legal: 0345 120 8416 (claim) / 0345 120 8415 (advice)
Home Emergency: 0345 120 8420

AXA listed policyholder

General Claims: 0870 010 1094
Legal: 0870 850 9081
Home Emergency: 0870 850 9102

Can’t see your insurer listed here?

Click here for the contact details of our other specialist providers.

3) Important claim tips

Working with your insurer is essential when it comes to getting claims resolved quickly and effectively. These simple dos and don’ts should help you through the process.

  1. Take photos to evidence the damage and record as many details as you can; including timeframes and the sequence of events. There may be information you remember at the time that you could later forget.
  2. Do not throw away any damaged items (unless they’re a health hazard such as rotting food) as your insurer may want to inspect them.
  3. Work constructively with your insurer and loss adjustor. Loss adjustors are independent claims specialists who work on behalf of insurers and policyholders.
  4. Check with your insurer before you appoint tradespeople to make repairs to your damage. This could cause disputes and incur costs if your insurer is unaware.
  5. Report any liability claim received from third parties immediately. There are timescales laid down by law with which you need to comply.
  6. Contact us at any point for further advice and support