Pension freedom for pharmacists

The flexible pension rules that came into effect in April 2015 will have broadened the options you have at retirement, giving you extra freedom and choice. The scope and implications of these changes is complex and will vary depending on your circumstances.

Understanding your options

The changes mean more freedom, but also more decisions to make. Before taking any action though, you’ll need to consider how this might affect your long-term financial security. Planning ahead is key to being able to make the most out of your retirement fund. Seeking professional financial advice will help you make the most of the opportunities and avoid the risks.

Learn more in our video

To help you make more sense of this, we’ve put together a short video about pension freedom, exclusively for PDA members.

Good quality independent financial advice will help you:

  • Gain a clear understanding of the new rules
  • Assess and review your assets and income streams
  • Explore and identify your objectives from 55 and throughout retirement
  • Explore how you can use your assets in the most effective and efficient manner
  • Understand the income and inheritance tax implications
  • Review your situation as your retirement unfolds

More questions?

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