The newest risk to GP practices

The newest risk to GP practices

Recent Government research has revealed that 43% of businesses in the UK have reported breaches or attacks in the last 12 months; with only 27% having a formal policy covering cyber security risk (Cyber Security Breach Survey 2018).

Living in a GDPR world with heightened sensitivity around the use of data and more severe fines for breaches in security, there are very real consequences for GP practices like yours.

Here, we highlight the areas where you could be vulnerable if you were to be victim to a cyber-attack;

  • Ability to trade

This affects how your practice would continue to work on a day to day basis. How would you treat patients if you couldn’t access their medical records? How would you pay suppliers, order supplies or book appointments?

  • Loss or theft of Data

How would your practice react if employee or patient data was lost or stolen? Do you have a policy or process in place if this were to happen? What types of data could be at risk?

  • Money

Phishing or interception emails are getting increasingly more sophisticated as hackers try to scam money from organisations. Be wary of email notices of suppliers changing bank details. Always check directly with suppliers first, before making any transfers.

  • Reputation

How would your practice respond and recover to an attack? If an attack on an NHS network affected your practice, would patients see you as responsible? How would it damage your practices’ reputation?

Keeping your patients safe extends beyond the care you provide. You owe it to them and your people to keep their information secure. We owe it to you to help you.

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