There’s a chill in the air – time to test your central heating


There is a chill in the air, a noticeable drop in temperature. The trees are beginning to drop their leaves on more blustery days and the spiders are relocating from the garden to the house. Autumn is here.

Now is a great time to switch your heating on to check that it works before the bad weather sets in. Your home insurance policy states that you must take reasonable care to keep your home in a good state of repair and avoid or limit any loss, damage or injury. Having your boiler serviced and looking after your heating is good practice to reduce the risk of damage to your home.

To test your gas or oil central heating system:

  • Turn all the radiator valves on
  • Turn up the room thermostat to maximum
  • Set the heating to run on your programmer/boiler
  • After 15 minutes touch the radiators to see if they are starting to heat up

If all the radiators heat up:

Excellent, everything is in good working order

If one or two radiators remain cold:

The most likely reason is that a small amount of air has entered the system and you need to bleed the effected radiators

  • Turn the thermostat down low to make sure the heating turns off

It is also a good opportunity to check for leaks:

  • Listen for noises such as hissing or whooshing
  • Check the pressure gauge
  • Put some paper or foil under your boiler and your radiators to check for drips

Hopefully all is well and you are now set for a warm and cosy winter.