Cyber insurance for vet practices

If you’re here, you’re already ahead of the 42%* of businesses who do not know about or have no intention of buying cyber insurance.

We’re here to tell you what it’s all about.

Cyber Insurance is designed to cover costs associated with cyber-attacks or breaches. Typical cover can include the following;

  • Cyber extortion or ransomware attacks
  • Third party data breach notification costs
  • Costs to reinstate data or restore programs following an attack
  • Network failure – cover for income lost and additional expenses you incur
  • Legal costs in the event of a third party breach – occurs from a network breach or privacy/data breach
  • Regulatory legal costs should an investigation be brought against you by a government entity
  • Multimedia liability in the event of a claim arising against you for plagiarism, breach of copyright and piracy
  • Cover for consequential harm and crisis communication in the event of a cyber-attack occurring, resulting in press coverage

Read our cyber insurance flyer to find out how your practice could be affected by a cyber-attack.

How at risk am I?

It’s a fair question but you should be asking, how well your business would cope in an attack? How confident are you that you and your staff will know what to do?

Try our self-assessment tool to find out!

Download our cyber self-assessment


Why choose cyber insurance from Lloyd & Whyte?

Healthcare practices present a higher risk to insurers than other businesses because of the sensitive data that is collected, stored and processed. As we represent thousands of practices in the UK, we’ve been able to partner with a panel of insurers to make life easier for you.

All of the insurers we’ve chosen offer a dedicated incident and cyber response helpline. These helplines are available 24/7 so you’re able to react to a cyber-attack quickly and effectively.

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*Raconteur (April 2018) “Future of Insurance”


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