Private Client Insurance Services

Your life is busy enough. Having the right insurance is crucial but you don’t have time to chase insurers or pore over documents. Let us do that for you.

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Your home and your lifestyle are unique to you.
So why settle for generic insurance?

Our private client service is designed to give you, as standard, what others wish for;

  • Total protection
  • Simple to arrange 
  • Bespoke valuations 
  • Hassle-free claims 
  • Complete broker service 

Whether you require a bespoke policy for your home or specialist additions to your travel and motor insurance – we take the time to understand you and your needs, to ensure we can provide the right advice for your specific circumstances.

After an initial conversation, we will then do the legwork for you. You can be certain you’ll receive the protection you deserve.


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High value home insurance

High Value Home Insurance

We believe that the quality of your insurance should be in keeping with your personal world. You’ve taken the time to make your home the way you want it, let us take the time to get the insurance the way you need it.

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High value car insurance

High Value Car Insurance

Your vehicle may be the second most valuable asset you own. It could be that you don’t own one vehicle, you own multiple and perhaps they’re vintage. We offer a motor insurance service that can’t be found on comparison sites.

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Private Client Services travel insurance

Travel Insurance

A clear perk of modern life is that you can travel, within reason, anywhere you want. The catch though, is that not all countries have readily accessible healthcare. From skiing trips, to jungle expeditions, to a more relaxed escape – special trips necessitate special insurance.

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Boat Insurance

Whether you enjoy the action-packed adventure of a speedboat, the serenity of a sailing boat, or the luxury of a cruiser, we can help ensure your vessel and pocket are properly protected by Private Client Insurance service.

Boat Insurance

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