About us

Lloyd & Whyte was founded in 1946 as a traditional provincial insurance broker. The company experienced great success during the 80’s and 90’s, quickly becoming one of the largest independent insurance brokers in the South West.

During this time, Lloyd & Whyte began offering independent financial advice, a Company which later became Lloyd & Whyte (Financial Services) Ltd. It was here the foundations were laid for the Lloyd & Whyte Group.

In 1996, the decision was made to branch out into the professional affinity group market. The organisation’s first appointment was soon made, to the British Dental Association.

Following the success of this initial scheme, and expansion in other markets, the Lloyd & Whyte Group was formed as the umbrella under which various aspects of the Company’s business could operate. In 2007, we established the Strategy for Growth, which involved expansion through a combination of organic growth and acquisitions.

The welcoming of Simply Group in 2008 and Reedways Insurance Services in 2009 further established Lloyd & Whyte as a leading provider of niche insurance services. In 2015 these businesses were brought together to form one entity known as Lloyd & Whyte Heritage.

With the acquisition of Medical Money Management in 2017 the opportunity was taken to merge all of our General Insurances into one business Lloyd & Whyte Limited at the beginning of 2018.

Attention has always been paid, to ensure the fundamental elements required for the business to succeed are respected; quality service, specialist products and unique, high calibre people.