Individual Private Medical & Cash Plan

Why take out Private Medical Insurance?

Millions of people are waiting for treatment from the NHS1

Brexit resulted in the loss of a lot of NHS workforce and Covid-19 placed an unprecedented strain on our healthcare service.

The result is an ever-increasing backlog of patients:

  • Cancelled referrals and delayed procedures.
  • Patients on treatment waiting lists.
  • Refused referrals due to lack of staff.
  • Patients who have not seen a GP due to Covid infection fears or concern they may be a burden on the NHS.

What does Private Medical Insurance provide?

Private Medical Insurance provides you with access to high levels of healthcare, often in a shorter timeframe than the NHS. Just as importantly, comprehensive health insurance offers one of the most valuable gifts you can enjoy: peace of mind.

Private Medical Insurance can provide you with:

  • Quicker referrals, consultations and treatment.
  • Access to pharmaceutical drugs and medications which might not be available through the NHS: for example, cancer treatment.
  • Many insurers offer access to digital GP appointments which can provide quicker referrals and support.
  • Many providers give you the option to choose your surgeon.
  • Some providers offer direct access to physiotherapy and mental health professionals.

What sets us apart from other Private Medical Insurance experts?

We’re independent brokers, so we are not affiliated with any specific insurance provider. We can search the whole market for a policy which fits your circumstances. We have established relationships with well-known insurers so that you can benefit from high quality health cover.

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