Thatch and Listed Home Insurance

A special home needs special insurance. Thatch, listed and character homes require expertise that can't be found just anywhere.

Listed Insurance

We offer high quality listed home insurance that acknowledges the importance of your home's past while protecting it in the present and securing its future too.

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Thatch Insurance

By providing practical advice and support, we help thatch homeowners make informed decisions and protect their properties effectively.

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High value home insurance

High Value Home Insurance

When your home and its contents go above and beyond the everyday, comprehensive insurance that reflects this is essential.

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Thatch Insurance Guide

Ever wondered why insurers ask questions like “how deep is your thatch?” and “how far away is the nearest fire station?” – well insuring a thatch property requires more detail than a standard construction house. Download our guide to get clued up on how to protect your beautiful home properly.

Listed Insurance Guide

A home that has stood the test of time like yours needs protecting so it can be enjoyed in the future. Insurers want to know all about your home from its age to its construction material. But how does that affect your insurance? Our free guide gives you all the answers and more so you can continue looking after your home.