Financial Protection

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When life doesn’t always go according to plan, it’s important to have a back up.

Financial protection is the plan B if you’re unable to meet your financial commitments due to injury, illness or death.  Protection policies provide the financial support you need to help ensure that your financial planning goals can still be achieved.


Our advisers will help you find the right policies to look after your family, livelihood and home should you suffer these circumstances.

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As each individual case is different and there are various options
available, financial protection should be considered as part of your wider financial plan.

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Cash Plans

Access a Private Medical Insurance which allows you to claim back some of your medical expenses should you require immediate access to a GP, Dentist, Optician or other clinicians


Health Assessments

Requesting an annual assessment can support early intervention of a medical condition which if not recognised can lead to more complications.


Flexible Private Medical Insurance

Reduce your staff absence costs by purchasing an affordable private insurance plan protecting you and your employees.


Private Medical Insurance

Avoid unwanted waiting times by purchasing private insurance to protect you, your partner, and your family