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Planning early to dream easy - Financial Planning for SOM Members

We might be past the days of pocket money, but the concept of saving and investing will always stay the same. As a busy occupational health professional, you probably have less time to spare. We’re here to remind you that if you want your daydreams to become tangible, you need to rely on the organisation of your finances, which is where we step in.

Occupational therapy can be a highly rewarding and fulfilling healthcare profession, but it can also be emotionally and mentally draining. Difficult cases, long working hours, high targets and in-depth assessments can take their toll. You could feel overwhelmed by the reality of complex financial products like pensions, investments and financial protection. By providing you with the invaluable advice of one of our Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs), we can help you match up the financial choices you make, with the plans and aspirations you envisage.


Why should I have a financial plan?

It helps you accomplish your dreams, saving your future self the trouble of having last-minute financial flusters. It gives you scope to plan for adventures, comforts and luxuries you hope to experience in the future. From saving up to help your children buy their first home, to supporting your grandchildren, your financial plan might also include the future of your loved ones.


How does financial planning work?

Financial planning is never fixed, because priorities are always changing. Financial plans will vary from person to person, so discussing your hopes and aspirations with an adviser can contribute to the personal worth of your plan. If you choose to arrange a meeting with us, your Independent Financial Adviser will ask:

  • Where are you now?
  • Where do you want to be?
  • How can we get you there?

It’s an ongoing journey, so even when it’s implemented, we will annually review your financial plan to make sure it correlates with your circumstances.


 What you might like about Independent Financial Advisers

Our Independent Financial Advisers are not limited to the products and advice of a single provider. They will listen to your plans, explore your financial options, and find the solution that best suits you and your circumstances. Independent and unbiased advice keeps the focus on you, and far away from the tangents of irrelevant advice.


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If you’re a member of the Society of Occupational Medicine (SOM), you have the advantage of receiving advice from an IFA. If you have any questions or require further information, please call us on 01823 250750.

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