Coronavirus & Financial Services

We are currently experiencing something never seen before, the UK and indeed the world is coming to a standstill as we all get to grips with the consequences of Coronavirus.

Information from one of our investment platform providers LGT Vestra:

Update – 24/04/2020

Update – 16/04/2020

  • Coronavirus – summary of recent Government announcements. Click here to read.                  Additions and changes are highlighted.

Update – 27/03/2020

Update – 25/03/2020

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Update from us – 20/03/2020

We have seen Global Markets fall on a daily basis as the world tries to understand the implications of potentially large numbers of people suffering from the virus. Open borders are becoming closed borders, as countries shut up shop in an attempt to manage the risks each nation faces.

The falling of markets leads to investments and pensions values falling, which is alarming, and only adds to the fear we all feel. The worst thing we can do is make a bad decision on a bad day and sometimes we do need a helping hand. Historically, when markets have fallen, even crashed, while it is not a nice experience with time, the markets do recover and the world moves forward once again.

Our Investment Principles and Investment Partners use well diversified investment portfolios to manage volatility. We can never totally remove risk from our portfolios, but using assets such as bonds have provided some stability. Share prices have quickly adjusted to the perceived risks and investors have become highly unsettled.

We are seeing Governments and Central Banks taking special measures to stabilise markets and help the economy, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson saying they will do whatever it takes.

We believe we will continue to see volatility in the markets for some time yet, so our advice is to stay where you are and remember why you invested. We continue to work closely with our investment partners to understand the threats as they arise. Over the longer term things should improve again.

We are here for you, we have taken some action to protect ourselves, to ensure we can continue to provide a service and look after you through this exceptional period. In the last week, we have divided into three teams to reduce the potential for everyone being infected at the same time. We will continue to review our procedures and approach in light of guidance from government.

Our Advisers continue to work and have the ability to conduct meetings via the phone or through videos calls. They are here to help you plan and make sound decisions in the context of your personal objectives.

If we can offer any assistance right now, please feel free to get in touch with your adviser or the office and we will help with our professional guidance.