Patient Payment Plans

Will your practice always have a steady income? Your actions now could be the difference between a yes or no.

You can’t control the future, but Flexiplan could help you influence it. Setting up a dental healthcare plan kick starts a regular inflow of money to your business.

FlexiPlan is futureproofing. Or pretty close to it.


  • 10% discount for BDA Good Practice Members
  • No set up costs (or hidden ones)
  • Fees collected only when it’s earning
  • Branded for your practice
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FlexiPlan is a dedicated part of Lloyd & Whyte – with a personable team. And we’re the only payment plan provider approved by the BDA, so this should help you feel more confident using it.

You’ll find it’s nice:

  • Not being passed around a call centre
  • Not having to scribble people’s names down
  • Not being treated generically

Using FlexiPlan also promotes greater customer loyalty with regular visits, and, as a bonus comes with worldwide accident and emergency cover.

Do you have any questions? have a look at some frequently asked questions on our Advice Zone.

For more info, read our brief guide.

Where’s the risk? It’s free to set up, nothing to pay until it pays, we’ll create the literature, and we’ll train your staff. Plus, when it’s up and running we’ll stick by your side.

* If the plan has less than 50 members by the end of the first 12 month period then a £250 annual fee will apply until 50 members is achieved.

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