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Teeth need looking after, smiles need refreshing and patients seek reassurance. The dentists, nurses and receptionists who make that happen, belong to your practice. As professionals, they make sure they are competent. As people, they want to know they are valued.

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Now is the time for you to show your gratitude for the people and professionals that you are responsible for. Offering health insurance in the workplace could be your way of saying thank you, but it could also be your way of knowing that your employees are as safe and sound as they can be.

Equipsme is a beneficial and affordable route to health insurance. They equip businesses with a smart and cost-effective way of providing practical health and wellbeing support for your employees.

Plans include a range of useful services such as 24/7 GP access, physio, personalised health checks, diagnosis and treatment. Equipsme is available for any firm with 2+ employees and cover starts from as little as £7 per employee per month.

For any level of cover you provide, your employee can choose to upgrade and add partners and children if they wish.


Covering health, keeping employees

You have insurance for the practice itself because it puts your mind at rest. Your employees are a part of your practice, so giving them sustainable cover would make sense. Naturally, being human exposes us to the harms and restraints of illness, stress and disease. Health insurance is a peace-maker for your mind and a collective incentive for their loyalty. It’s about taking care of the people who keep your practice going.

Recognising the various types of health insurance available from Equipsme will help you to decipher the right cover for your employees. There are four levels of cover to choose from, starting at basic cover, known as ‘GP Plus’ and ending at ‘Level 1.’ These lists aren’t exhaustive, they simply highlight the main benefits of each policy:

GP Plus: (£7 p/month p/employee)

  • 24/7 access to GP appointments by phone
  • Prescription delivery service
  • Up to 3 physio sessions
  • No Excess
  • Online health check


Level 3: (£18 p/month p/employee)

Benefits of GP Plus, as well as:

  • Open referral to diagnosis cover
  • Up to 5 physio sessions
  • Consultations, diagnostic tests, MRI scans & CT scans
  • Vitamin D blood test kit
  • Second opinion from another specialist


Level 2: (£30 p/month p/employee)

Benefits of GP Plus and Level 3, as well as:

  • Up to 8 physio sessions
  • Hospital treatment includes specialists, surgeons, room, dressings and drugs


Level 1: (£42 p/month p/employee)

Benefits of GP Plus, Level 3 and Level 2, as well as:

  • No yearly limit on physiotherapy sessions


Optional extras include stress support (for £1.50 p/month p/employee) where an individual can receive guidance from a 24/7 helpline, telephone counselling and one-to-one counselling. Dental and optical (£8 p/month p/employee) covers the cost of dental check-up and treatments, sight tests and prescription specs. Please note where optional extras are selected, these will apply to all employees, you cannot select it for a few.


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