Pressure Vessel Inspection

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Keep your patients safe with regular inspections on autoclaves and air receivers – with one of the UK’s leading insurers, Zurich, as a provider.


Pressure vessel inspections are a statutory requirement. They can prevent the possibility of leaks or explosions, and protect you, your team or your patients from serious harm.

It’s important to have your autoclaves or air receivers inspected regularly by an experienced engineer. We offer this comprehensive service to ensure safety within your practice, without breaching any warranties you may already have in place.

How much does this cost?

  • Inspection: £255 + VAT
  • These prices are subject to an additional £25 administration fee.



Why do I need a pressure vessel inspection?

In order to comply with Pressure Systems Safety Regulations (PSSR) 2000, it is a statutory requirement for you to have pressurised equipment inspected. This must be done in addition to your regular maintenance and servicing.

Can my service engineer do it?

We advise that it should not be done by the same person who performs routine maintenance, because they should be independent and impartial to make objective decisions. They should comply with PSSR 2000 regulations, be competent to carry out thorough and working inspection and provide written scheme of examination report.

What if some of my equipment is brand new?

We advise that you contact the manufacturer to find out if the new items need to be inspected as they might still have a manufacturer’s warranty.

Some of my equipment is out of use. Do they still need to be inspected?

No, providing they are clearly labelled as out of use and are not used for any purpose. It must be stored away safely.

Why do I have to pay full annual premium if my inspection is not due till after 18 months?

Because this is an annual contract. In order to have continuance of service to have your other items inspected, which may be due for a working inspection within 12 months, you are required to pay a full annual premium.

Important notice

It is important that you have a fully documented maintenance and service plan on site, which must be made available to our engineer. If this is not available then you will have to open the vessel (at your own expense) to allow our engineer to complete a more thorough examination. Similarly, if our engineer is in any way dissatisfied with the maintenance in force then they will expect the vessel to be opened – again, at your expense.

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