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Whether you’re an independent, multi-site or corporate dental practice, as a BDA Good Practice member, you can benefit from preferential rates on services we offer to support your business…



Practice Insurance – 26% discount

We tailor our dental practice insurance policy to suit the requirements of BDA Good Practice members. And, we’re the only dental practice insurance provider with an emergency Mobile Dental Clinic should your practice suffer damage. Read our advice on underinsurance here.

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Plus: give your whole practice team access to exclusive home and travel insurance for BDA members.


FlexiPlan – 10% discount 

patient payment plan is a great way to generate regular income for your practice and added value for your patients. We’ll support you in building a profitable plan, from designing initial literature to complimentary in-practice training.

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Locum Insurance

Dental locum insurance provides your practice with financial assistance when you or a member of your team is unable to work due to injury or illness.

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Cyber Insurance

Healthcare practices present a higher risk to insurers than other businesses because of the sensitive data that is collected, stored and processed. As we represent thousands of practices in the UK, we’ve been able to partner with a panel of insurers to make life easier for you. Read our cyber insurance flyer to find out how your practice could be affected.

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