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From medical duty to personal joy…
…Retirement planning for SOM members


Two in five working adults aged 46-55 have no idea how much they have in their pension pot, making it almost impossible for them to try and plan for the future.* If you find comfort in certainty, planning now could leave you much less overwhelmed when you retire.

No matter how many continents you hope to visit, what colour boat you want, or how long you want to continue in your career, a retirement plan is a logical way of gathering your desires and matching them with your financial options.


Your retirement belongs to you

How do you fit your retirement around an eagerness to travel and a vow to spoil future grandchildren? You make a plan. Planning for retirement doesn’t even have to be mundane, especially when you want your future to be full of exciting ventures or long-awaited luxuries. We understand that everyone is different, so your retirement plan will reflect your own original journey.

By discussing your ideas of when you hope to retire and how you hope to do so, an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) can get to know you by your plans. They understand the complexities of financial products, so when they recommend a savings account or investment to suit your adventurous aims, they will talk you through it.


What you should consider

Your plan is your own, but the tools that fulfil your plan can be left with the knowledge of your adviser. In a conversation with an IFA, you can take the opportunity to ask them about:


State, personal and employer pensions are likely to fund the majority of your lifestyle when you retire. Before you meet with an IFA, you could try to get an idea of how much you have in each pot.

Savings & Investments

If you’re saving money, your IFA can review its placement and tell you how to utilise it. If you’re hoping to invest, they will explore the available market to find an option that goes well with your attitude to risk, as well as understanding your capacity for loss.

Tax Implications

The choices you make now can affect how and when you pay tax on your retirement savings. By understanding the benefits and pitfalls of any options, your IFA can make sure you are in the best possible tax position in retirement.


Reviewing & revising your plan

Savings, investments and pensions aside, our advisers understand the panic that surrounds retirement. Planning early can alleviate the uncertainty of retirement, but we want you to know that you can amend your plan if your desires shift or priorities change.

As part of your wider financial planning, you and your adviser can annually review your retirement plan. This gives you the flexibility to change your plan if you want to include bigger adventures or consider new family members.

If you have further questions on retirement planning or you would like to arrange a meeting with one of our advisers, please call us on 01823 250750.


*Your Money article (November 2018)